Luke, lableded the Bad Boy, is a contestant in Total Drama X-Treme, Amusement, and Cruise. He was one of the original seven contestants, and went to Juvie three times, one time because of him setting an ATM machine on fire and stole a car and drove the ATM machine into a building.

The Seven People Who Actually AuditionedEdit

In The Seven People Who Actually Auditioned, Luke is the second to arrive on the island, right after Kitty. He glares at Chris, then stands next to Kitty. After Vincent, Sabrina, and Platinum arrive, Samantha comes in with her Chris Colfer shirt on. When Vincent asks who that is, Luke replies Chris Colfer. Kitty then taunts him, and he says he knew from the internet and TV and that he doesn't watch Glee. Samantha, probably hurt by that, said that he had temper problems, which led to Chris nagging Luke for cussing.

New CastEdit

In the New Cast, both parts one and two, Luke seems to be slightly nicer, surprisingly complimenting Kitty and sharing that he went to Juvie three times, courtesy of psychic Sabrina. When Kitty asks Sabrina what he did, Luke throws a pocket knife at a passing bird and replies; "None of your business,"

After that he starts flirting aimlessly with Kaylee, who just arrived on the island. He asks her if she likes piercings, and she says that they don't look that good. Natalia, one of the original seven, butts in and remarks that if Kaylee wants to go out with Luke, she'll have to handle his many piercings, and Luke points them all out.

Cam arrives on the island, and that reveals that he and Kaylee were best friends, which causes Luke to ask if they're an item.

Leadership FightsEdit

Luke seems to have regained his tough attitude again, showed when he orders all the guys to "fall out". In the guys cabin, he asks whose the hottest chick. Cam replies Kaylee, and a whole convorsation starts between Cam, Luke, and Dominic. There's not much of Luke in it, since it's mainly focused on the girls.

Balance or DieEdit

Luke doesn't look sheepish when Chris McLean tells off the guys for being late, and is put on the team: The Roaches. When they all sit at their table, Cam gets excited, and Luke dampens his mood, and whittles his name in their table with his pocket knife. Rachel asks if Luke was the moron, Kitty replies yes, causing Luke to get annoyed, and in his first confessional, he starts to shortly rant about he's not a moron.

Kyrie asks what everyone is good at, in attempt to lighten the mood, and Luke is the first one to respond, stating that he's good at egging people on, getting thrown into Juvie, and commiting crimes. Luke would've probably gone on, if it weren't for Kitty and Sabrina interrupting him. In revenge, he teases Kitty.

For the first challenge, it it unknown if he made it across the logs or not.

The Partner Challenge/New Enemies, New FriendsEdit

Luke gets paired up with Kitty, much to their dislike. During the time they had to spend together, he went into the confessionals and started stealing the tape with the contestant's confessionals. Luke asks her if she even wants to see it, and Kitty replies no, which leads Luke to work even harder to get it out. Apparently, he was tugging on Kitty's arm to hard, which causes her to nag him, and in result, him threatening her, showing his bad boy side once more.

He goes into the guys cabin, kicking their stuff around until he's sitting on the bunk, watching the videos, then gets infuriated when Alex says he's been to Juvie, and storms out of the guys cabin, and goes straight to the mess hall, where he confronts Alex, and gets pretty mad, probably because he wants to be the only bad boy in camp. He doesn't have time to get more angry anymore, because Chef comes up and unlocks the two.